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They are extremely easy to deal with, keeping me updated at all times on the progress of my claim.I was very surprised to find that we were able to claim back such a large amount of money.This came at a very busy stressful time for me, so for them to deal with it was greatly appreciated.So far I’ve gained back thousands and they are still trying for more. Would recommend.” 14th September 2017 “The service is excellent and I was particularly impressed with claims you have successfully won and historical claims that had previously been declined. ” 1st September 2017 “I must admit I never thought that you would get me any money back from a PPI claim that was over 10 year old, pleasantly surprised when you did, this money will come in handy for Christmas many thanks to all who dealt with my claim.” 18th August 2017 “We’ve found the service from The PPI Team very satisfying.If you would like to give us some feedback, please email us at [email protected] state that you are happy for us to publish your feedback on our website. I completed the relevant forms and The PPI Team did the rest! A big thank you to you all.” 11th December 2017 “Thanks to The PPI Team for a very professional and efficient service in recovering a substantial amount of money for me.I have received money back already that I would not have pursued myself. Thank you.” 18th December 2017 & 4th January 2018 & 18th January 2018 “Having given short change to many a PPI phone call, I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleman who contacted me last year. Thank you so much to the whole team who have been in constant contact, you have made a real difference to my life.” 6th December 2017 & 11th January 2018 & 15th January 2018 “I would just like to say that it was so easy, never thought I would get anything back from it. I was one of those people who kept putting off making a claim because I thought it would be a lot of hassle.

You were very efficient and professional but also very easy to communicate with.It has been in the same family for over 40 years and never been on the market before.Named after Acadia, the early colonial name for Atlantic Canada, she was launched on May 8, 1913.Newman for the Hydrographic Survey of Canada and built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Newcastle-on-Tyne in England.This guarantees the user the best possible performance from the telescope.

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