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If you regularly monitor your progress, it can show if you are improving (or not).This kind of data can also be evidence you can use when bragging about how high you bike jumped.But for everything that the Hero6 does well, our favorite aspect of any Go Pro remains the ease of use.The touchscreen is intuitive and responsive, the voice commands work well, and being fully waterproof without the need for an additional case keeps it compact and simple.Quik Stories are also better than ever thanks to the improved computer vision of the GP1 processor, helping you to create painless highlight reals on your mobile device in a flash.It’s not easy to make such a small camera fun to use, but Go Pro has done it — again.

Led by Go Pro — the company that essentially created the action cam industry — its Hero cameras were in-demand by everyone, from teens to professional filmmakers. While Go Pro is still the undisputed champ, there are a lot more players — from no-name budget manufacturers that want a slice of the pie, to major camera makers like Sony, which sells cameras that rival Go Pro in terms of image quality.

In optical stabilization, the lens and/or sensor physically moves to counteract motion.

Compared to digital stabilization, which basically crops and then “pans and scans,” this doesn’t result in a loss of resolution.

In fact, action cams are now so ubiquitous that even Go Pro is starting to see its sales decline.

Go Pro still makes one of the better action cams, though it’s now joined by a few capable friends.

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