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This transformed the landscape and altered the local climate.Today, the Sahara, seen in the photo on the left, is the largest hot desert in the world.) and read up on the craft if you’re interested in bringing it into your own bedroom.Giulia Simolo Giulia is a freelance writer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It’s about taking the time to find what makes us tick and trying new things that can provide different pleasure that you didn’t know you could experience. What erogenous zones do you usually concentrate on?Herds of goat and others beasts exposed ground that was previously hidden beneath vegetation, with consequences for the local climate. Drought stunted the growth vegetation, which further transformed the landscape, which worsened the drought, in a feedback loop that eventually produced a hot, dry, dusty desert roughly the size of the United States.You may have learned in school that brighter colors reflect more light, which is why it’s more comfortable to wear a white shirt than a black shirt on a hot, sunny day. Tawny-colored dirt and sand reflect more sunlight than viridescent grass and brush.“As that sunlight is reflected, the energy associated with the light goes back into the atmosphere, which heats it. Scientists generally attribute the transformation of the Sahara to changes in the Earth’s orbit, which deprived the tropics of sunlight, leading to a drop-off in summer rainfall.Rather, it changed in fits and starts, following the spread of livestock.Wherever humans went, they left scrubland in their wake.

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