Dating u s pilots knife

The majority of the 8 point knives had finger grooves in the walnut handles. Cole made aprox 300 of the warime 8 point knuckle knives. This exact knife is pictured on page 107 of Mike Silvey's WWII Book.. The knife itself is identical to the Raider knife and if it had not been with this scabbard, you would not know the difference. This exact knife is pictured in Mike Silvey's WWII book page 76.. Brown / 1943" and "D^D" on the front and "^H B" on the back.. WWII Australian Commando Stiletto, marked "D^D / WE" at the ricasso on one side and "1 ^" on the other. This knife has an alloy type handle and a blue blade.

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The blade is marked "James Ryals & Co Ltd / Sheffield". Buck knives made prior to 1968 were marked just "Buck". The blade is 5 7/8" long and marked "Buck" at the ricasso. There is a date on top of the original box of 1962 and I would think that was when this knife was made. This is the rare (only 500 made) parkerized version made for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. The black parkerizing is the same that Camillus used on their Mark 2's and M3's. Aprox 180 knives were made in 1967 with 150 of them being sent to Vietnam in August 1968. This exact knife is pictured on page 129 of Mike Silvey's Military Pocket Knife Book. This exact knife is pictured in Cole Book 1 page 80.. The handle is alum, brass, fiber, bakelite and copper. The sheath is original and marked "M H Cole / Roebuck Works" on the back. The handle is walnut with finger grooves and a US stamp in an oval. The knuckle bow is an 8 point and made of aluminum. The upper portion of the handle has the Canadian acceptance mark, which is a Broad Arrow within a C.

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